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Align Bleach Bonding (ABB)

At Renmore Dental, our philosophy focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of a patient’s existing teeth using minimally invasive procedures, a concept known as conservative dentistry. This concept is perfectly encapsulated by the Align, Bleach, Bonding (ABB) treatment, which aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth in an effective, economical and conservative way- all while avoiding the use of potential destructive treatments and excessive tooth preparation. 

This minimally-invasive technique involves 3 stages to perfect your smile:

Stage 1: Alignment

Orthodontic treatment is carried out with an orthodontic specialist to fix any minor crowding and straighten the teeth.

Stage 2: Bleaching

Following alignment, a course of whitening treatment is then carried out to brighten the teeth and improve the overall cosmetic appearance of your smile before the final stage.

Stage 3: Bonding

Once the teeth have been whitened to your desired shade, edge bonding is carried out to improve the shape and symmetry of the teeth, and fix any minor imperfections such as chips or gaps along their edges. 

The combination of these treatments can truly transform your smile, without the need for costly and damaging alternatives. To enquire if you are eligible for the ABB concept, we highly recommend booking a consultation with one of our clinicians, who will advise on the best treatment options for you and your smile. 

ABB Before
ABB After