treatment crown


Dental crowns can be used as a solution for broken, discoloured or damaged teeth. A crown is a “cap” that is placed over a tooth to provide strength or restore the tooth shape. Crowns are individually made for each of our patients in selected premium dental laboratories. 

There are several types of material available, and your dentist will advise which is most suitable for your specific needs. For example, all-ceramic crowns, such as the E-Max pressed ceramic system allow light to pass through the crown so it is reflected naturally, making this material ideal for achieving a realistic appearance.

The treatment process for a crown usually involves two appointments; a crown preparation appointment in which the tooth is shaped in order to hold the crown, and a second appointment to fit the crown once it returns from the dental laboratory. 

Our crowns start from €850 per tooth, with payment plans available to spread the cost over the course of treatment. 

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Crown Before AC
Crown After AC