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Hygienist Services

Maintaining your oral health includes taking care of not only your teeth, but your gums too. Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss, and is a common issue present in most of the population to some degree. Early treatment of periodontal disease is essential in preventing issues such as tooth discolouration, unpleasant breath, and irreversible bone loss, which then leads to tooth loss. Gum disease is also associated with cardiac disease.

Here at Renmore Dental, our highly-skilled dental hygienists specialise in the treatment and prevention of all periodontal issues, helping you to keep your oral health in top condition. Our dental hygienists provide a wide range of services, from scale and polish appointments, to comprehensive advanced gum treatment. 

In order to maintain your periodontal health, most patients require routine six-monthly cleaning appointments; however this depends on the health and condition of your gums, and your hygienist may advise more frequent visits if needed.

Your hygienist’s role is to help and support you in maintaining an excellent standard of oral hygiene, through regular scale and polish appointments and demonstration of the most effective techniques to use at home. However, it is vital that you work together in order to achieve this goal, by developing a consistent oral maintenance routine that minimises plaque build-up to avoid calculus (solidified plaque). 

Comprehensive Advanced Gum Treatment Process

Should you require treatment of periodontal disease, our hygienists can provide a comprehensive advanced gum treatment, which is carried out under local anaesthetic. 

Initial Assessment

During your initial appointment, your hygienist will gather all of the information relevant to assessing your periodontal health, including x-rays, pocket depths, bleeding and plaque scores. This information allows the hygienist to accurately assess the level of disease present, and provides baseline measurements against which to judge the success of ongoing treatment. During this session, the hygienist will also demonstrate the appropriate oral hygiene techniques.

Root Planing

A comprehensive deep cleaning is then completed under local anaesthetic over the course of 2 x hour-long appointments, which include demonstration and reinforcement of oral hygiene techniques.


One month after both root planing appointments have been completed, the hygienist will see you for a review appointment to assess how your gums have responded to the treatment. Some additional cleaning may be required at this visit. 


Some areas can be difficult to keep clean, and may not respond to the above therapy as well as we would like. Therefore, a recall appointment is required 3 months after your review appointment to determine if the treatment has been successful. In the case that further treatment is required, you may be referred to a periodontist (gum specialist). 


Through use of the effective oral hygiene techniques demonstrated by your hygienist, it is essential that you maintain your oral health to retain the results achieved during this treatment. Regular hygienist appointments, a minimum of every 6 months, are also required to ensure that plaque and tartar does not build up again.